Superior Strength Systems

We are unique and radically different from every other fitness club or gym in the area because we focus on STRENGTH as the primary basis of functional health, body re-composition, and athletic and sports performance. We forge this strength through basic barbell, kettlebell and body weight resistance training that is simple and effective, but grounded in hard, yet rewarding work, impeccable form, and injury prevention. Strength training has the greatest impact on an individual’s functional strength and body composition (i.e. you will lose fat as you build muscle), and in athletes, it creates the foundation of ALL other athletic qualities. Our most important rule here at Superior Strength Systems is that you will be expected to hit PRs or Personal Records. It doesn’t matter if you are a power lifter, body builder, strongman, athlete, soccer mum, or just someone trying to get healthy – you leave here better than you were when you came through the door. If getting better isn’t a goal of yours, then this isn’t your gym. At Superior Strength Systems our purpose is clear and simple, to make you a stronger person. Strong is useful. Strong is healthy. Strong means going longer or pushing harder in your sport. But, it also means being able to pick up your growing grandkids or carry your own groceries. It means more durable bones and pain-free joints. Strong means freedom and independence as you age, and not having to give up the activities you love. Strong means doing more with the body you have and enjoying a better quality of life for years to come. We think Strong matters, and if you’re ready, we’d love to help you get there!