Springboard is a IT-BPO company that is based in San Juan. It was established by entreprenuers from different backgrounds such as IT, HR, and the BPO industry itself. We are focused on developing solutions and providing exceptional service for our international partners. In addition, Springboard also provides FREE coaching and training sessions for people who are interested in applying for our accounts even before they get hired. FREE COACHING • Springboard will provide you FREE coaching, tutorial and training sessions to help you ace the interview. JOB MATCHING • Springboard will not only help you through our coaching sessions, but also MATCH you to the account that is right for your preference and skill, so that's one problem less to think about. EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE • Springboard has TONS of international accounts available because our partner companies know that we provide excellent service. WARM ENVIRONMENT • Springboard promotes a warm, welcoming, and extremely fun environment. We value great TEAM CHEMISTRY and JOB ENJOYMENT for efficiency, effectiveness, and most importantly, quality.