Tasha Chen

As an International Speaker, Author, natural Leader, and Life and Business Coach Tasha Chen combines her 20 years of leadership and lives to fulfill her purpose of giving people power to pursue their dreams….and HAVE IT ALL! Tasha has had many very successful ventures in her business life. A few of her noted accomplishments, having owned and operated a chain of hair salon franchises, referenced as a mar- keting trend-setter and awarded Franchisee of the Year, Woman of Distinction Nominee and Presidents Award for Volunteerism through contributions made via her business. Her “AH-HA” mo- ment came when at the height of her professional life/career she realized she was measuring success by all the wrong things. She committed to Defining success on her terms and hasn’t looked back since. She shares her story of her journey to “self” and men- tors others to live a Rich Life! As a serial Entrepreneur herself she is committed to helping small to medium sized business owners make more money, attract ideal clients, and create time freedom in their lives. She successfully mentors using her own experience and out-of-the- box thinking. Tasha’s experience also includes Women’s Prosper- ity Network’s International Leadership, facilitating Mastermind groups that allow participants to generate multiple business ideas, resources and overcome challenges by sharing their expe- riences. She manages Accountability Groups, keeping Entrepre- neurs focused and accomplishing their goals. She is a vibrant and dynamic woman who embodies the spirit and essence of a life based on continuous growth and develop- ment for herself as well as the people in her life. Her enthusiasm and genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others has led to extraordinary success. Having “created” her life along the way, Tasha relates to people in all of life’s questioning circum- stances, and has become a beacon of hope and encouragement for those struggling to find the answers and ideal path for their lives. Her message transcends the “HOW” to have it all and takes her audience on the simple and direct path between Inten- tion to Results. She has studied with Bob Proctor, Loral Langmeier and many other of today’s world renowned business innovators. She has led extraordinarily successful groups, mentoring and teaching pro- fessionals and entrepreneurs the easy and direct path to success. She acknowledges her true gift is to inspire and coach others to live lives full of passion, purpose and abundance!