Sophisticated Gentlemen

NECKTIES: Perhaps one of the best ways to be power dressed is to add a necktie to your attire. The formal or informal look depends upon the style and the kind of neckties worn. Sophgent offers its clients the widest selection of neckties available on the internet. The neckties are available in an array of colors, prints and materials. Go in for the tie in solid colors if you want to make a lasting impression on your clients. Sophgent has unique tie sets which include the handkerchief or the square or the cufflinks, or all three. Choose from attractive plaids, paisleys, stripes, florals, squares or stripes. Just add a necktie to your attire when you feel like dressing up. BOWTIES: Good things come in small packages is the best way to describe the bow tie. Though small in size as compared to the necktie but it makes an equal impact. If you have been putting away wearing a bowtie because you do not know how to tie one, no worries. Sophgent has bowties which are pre-tied and look as classic and stylish as the self-tie ones. A bow tie has always made a statement and the new color, modern materials and patterns add to the appeal. TIE CLIPS: Again one of the most underrated accessory. But tie clips are most essential as a tie clip prevents the tie from shifting. Although tie clips can beclipped most easily and effortlessly, but wearing a tie clip is an art. Surprisingly this little piece of accessory can make a huge difference to your appearance. Place it at the middle of your sternum for a classy look and if you want to appear slimmer then the bottom of your sternum is ideal. Sophgent offers the most exclusive designs in enamel, inlaid work or tie clips studded with crystals. CUFF LINKS: For some the cuff links may be the most unimportant piece of accessory. They may think so as, they feel it is unnoticeable. They could never be more mistaken. Cufflinks though small in size, are noticeable enough to the ones with discerning taste. They add a distinct style and class to your ensemble. For one of the best collections and exclusive designs of cufflinks visit Sophgent. Sophgent has designs for all tastes and styles. The classic knots and crystals for those who like to keep it subtle or interesting designs with guns, bullets, cameras, bull dogs and what have you. The awesome collection of neckties, bowties, tie clips and cufflinks at Sophgent is sure to bowl you over.