Solar Eclipse

Welcome! This Facebook Page is devoted to helping you celebrate the eternal dance between our sun and our moon. On August 21, 2017, a once-in-a-lifetime celestial event will occur – Only visible from the continental USA. In fact, Earth is the only known planet in the Universe where such an event is known to occur. This remarkable event gives anyone and everyone on planet Earth to participate in our unique cosmic connection. Fortunately for us humans on Earth at this time, our moon’s diameter is 400 times smaller than that of our sun; interestingly, our moon is also 400 times closer to Earth than the sun. Thanks to this ‘mathematical’ coincidence(?), Earth is the only known planet that can experience almost a perfect TOTAL ECLIPSE of the sun. This page is your page! To help you, your friends and your organization to find others to celebrate and experience this unique event at one or more public events from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast in the "Path of Totality." We will do our very best to help find the right event for you to attend, or maybe perform or sponsor or sell or volunteer. You should plan now to experience this unforgettable event the way you want. It's not like you get another chance at this. Don’t miss it! Feel free to send us a message or call 929-263-2259 if you are... 1. hosting an event that you want us to promote OR 2. if you need t-shirts, etc. made for your event OR 3. if you are an entertainer and you're looking for a "gig" OR 4. if you are looking for ways to sponsor an event OR 5. if you want to have a booth at one of these events If you're wanting to discover events available to you to attend, click on the EVENTS tab on this Facebook Page (sorted by date and time) OR our website (sorted by location) or Will you be in “THE PATH OF TOTALITY” on August 21, 2017?