SoapLab Malaysia

Start Making Your Own Natural Skincare From Home! We have many recipes you can download from our website at or you can view our Videos on How To Make in this page. SoapLab Malaysia also offers online classes via Facebook, Youtube Channels and Blog. Do check it out especially if you are a newbie. Its absolutely free! If you want to join a community filled with enthusiast of handmade skincare; you can join our Facebook Group: SoapLab Malaysia Club. Who are We? SoapLab is a Malaysian company that supplies a range of natural, safe products with effective active ingredients designed for healthy living. Soap-Lab was first started when the founder started making homemade soap to help a family member with a skin problem. This family member had eczema that wouldnt go away for years. Upon using this homemade soap, her eczema started dissapearing; convincing the founder that commercialy made soaps contains harmful ingredients. We started making all homemade cosmetics for our family members and guess what? their skin started to improve tremendously! Eversince then, we never looked back! Join us and say no to artificial preservatives and synthetic ingredients! Make your own soap! Make your own cosmetics! start your wonderful journey of homemade goodies now! Trust us.. it will make you and your family healthier. Take a step towards better skin! We sell: Lye/Sodium hydroxide/ Potassium Hydroxide/ Soap Base/ Borax/ Washing Soda/ Emulsifying Wax/ Cream Maker/ Lotion Maker/ Beeswax/ Olive Oil/ Coconut Oil/ Sweet Almond Oil/ Shea Butter/ Kaolin Clay/ Essential Oil/ Fragrance Oil/ all to make handmade cosmetics/ handmade soap P/S: We are online shop. We do not have retail store or walk in show room. to order: or sms 0126643817