SoBo Burger

About The Company: South Boston Burger Company, affectionately known as SoBo Burger, is brought to you by owners Stephen Adamson of Joe and a Bow and Jared Spainhour of The Happy Oyster/Spainhour Diner. Both owners met while Stephen owned Joe and a Bow. Using Stephen’s managerial expertise and Jared’s cooking prowess, South Boston Burger Company wants to ensure that the food you get is delivered to your plate as fresh and as fast as possible. Nothing comes from a box or a freezer unless it’s ice. You can count on us having the finest ingredients and the best customer service when you eat at our establishment. This is our minimum standard. Our goal is to have you walk away knowing this is the best hamburger or steak that you’ve ever had. While being successful business owners is important to us, we also care about our community dearly so we are taking 10% of our profit and giving it right back to help those in need. We don’t want to be millionaires and we can’t take money with us when we die. Both owners are servants of God and our mission is to leave this world much better than we got it. We believe that what we do in this city, this county, and ultimately this state can be replicated by all businesses of all types. We want this mentality to spread across the nation like a wildfire and have small businesses thrive again while always serving the community first. We won’t always be perfect. We won’t always be right. The one thing we always will be are God’s servants and doing the absolute best job we can to ensure that your experience is the best we can provide. Now we need your help to identify members of our community that may be in need of some of the 10% we give back. These won’t go to specific church funds but directly to those who need it. This could be single mothers without a car, a victim of a fire who lost all their belongings, an unexpected death in a family who can’t afford to bury their loved ones or a church mission to a domestic or foreign land. We realize we can’t help everyone but we will certainly try. We realize that eating at a restaurant is not always the cheapest option but have a little joy in the fact that the items you are about to eat are helping bring relief to others in the community that may be worried about where their next meal is or how they are going to pay their light bill. You will see change because every visit you make, the community benefits and we thank you for allowing us to fulfill our mission not only of serving the best food you will eat but also providing hope to those suffering in our beautiful Halifax County and the surrounding areas. South Boston and Halifax, this restaurant is here for you. YOU, our community members, will always be our number one priority. If you’re a traveler in this hotel, spread the word about a business trying to make a difference one burger at a time. Light the fire that feeds the world and hopefully we can start a trend of businesses giving back instead of taking from the communities they serve.