Snyder Performance Engineering Inc.

We are your go to company for turbocharged Ford diesel & gas performance... We have turbocharger experience dating back to the early 80's, & have been pushing the envelope ever since. We pioneered turbo systems when they were not popular and have been doing so to current day. With extensive Ford training, & years of experience at squeezing every ounce of power & reliability out of our designs. We can provide great products and service. This is a family owned business that is customer oriented. We are now going mainstream. We are the leaders in 6.7L technology & your #1 source for Ford 6.7 specific parts from turbos/kits, intakes, exhaust, fuel systems etc. for power, economy, towing, and everything in between. The 6.7 is our new venture, but we support all Powerstroke platforms & gas platforms including all mod & pushrod engines. Unlike other companies we devote every ounce of energy testing our parts & other manufacturers parts to the max. This makes us one of the most knowledgeable sources for ford performance. The company is owned & ran by blue blooded individuals who stop at nothing to serve the Ford enthusiast. We've had Fords all of our lives and have worked for Ford during development of the 6.7 Scorpion. You may ask why we are devoted to the 6.7 so much and the answer is the name- Ford. Due to the harsh Ford bashing of the IH engines, we took it as our duty to Ford to push the envelope on their new engine & put it where it belongs- on top! Through now & the future we will continue to develop & sell the best products for the 6.7 Powerstroke. We are devoted & will always be one step ahead in performance for the Ford brand diesels, now & to come. You will rarely find this kind of passion & involvement with any other company. This is what we live, eat, & breathe. We are always here to serve the enthusiast!!