Smiley Coach Lisa Parkes

Happy families are my speciality! #getyourhappyon Welcome to my page! Hi I'm Lisa and I'm also known as the Smiley Coach. I educate and help families understand each other more on an emotional level. On this page you will find heaps of helpful information about family life, emotions, family routines, relaxation, gratitude, positive thinking, creative fun and all things which go to making daily life easier. I'm a qualified and experienced Child Coach who specialises in helping children (and their parents) become happier. I want to make growing up easier and I want children to grow up knowing how amazing they are....from the inside out! Part of this is about growing your emotional intelligence. If you want to learn more about that then take my quick and easy test to find out how emotionally intelligent is you family. You can take it here Or you can buy your very own box of emotional intelligence in the form of my beautiful and very well-loved Smiley Thought Cards. A little box of magic that makes a big difference to talking and connecting on an emotional level for parents and children. For a FREE confidential informal chat about your child, call me on -07810 540242 Or to stay in touch sign up for my newsletter here love and receive a FREE eBook which tells you how to pour more love into your family.