Smart Shelters Inc

Smart Shelters Tornado Shelters in Oklahoma City, OK builds storm shelters and safe rooms installed in the garage and outdoors for Oklahoma. A storm shelter in the garage will give the family a safe place to seek refuge from any severe storm or EF5 tornado. It's installed virtually flush with the garage floor and makes it a breeze to park over and enter. Each tornado shelter and safe room is protected by a lifetime transferable warranty. The storm shelter design meets or exceeds the standards set forth by FEMA 361, ICC 500, and has been impacted tested at Texas Tech. We are a producing member of the American Tornado Shelter Association and been reviewed by the National Storm Shelter Association. For more information message us here on Facebook or the showroom can be reached at 405-417-8676. We are conveniently located at 4000 S Prospect Ave in Oklahoma City, OK. Visit our website: