Skin Pharmacy

Located in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, Skin Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy that provides custom compounded skin treatment for various skin diseases namely eczema, acne, hyper pigmentation, psoriasis, and other skin conditions both for prescription and non-prescription medicine. Unlike off-the-shelf medications, our prescriptions are compounded to meet your specific and individual needs. We meet the industry’s strictest quality and safety standards. Skin Pharmacy also provides educational information concerning skin treatment to patients upon request. It is recommended that patients gets their conditions diagnosed by dermatologist first before requesting treatment. Why Compounded Medications Pharmacy compounding is a practice in which a licensed pharmacist combines, mixes, or alters ingredients in response to a prescription to create a medication tailored to the medical needs of an individual patient. Drug Companies produces medications for mass market which most of the time is not suitable for some patients. In terms of custom dermatology preparation, there are many ingredients found in commercial products is not suitable for sensitive, irittated skin. Example; a soap bar commercially made contains ingredients such as sodium laurate sulfate, parabens as preservatives, and fragrances that might exercebate eczema flare. Our custom compounded soap does not have any of these. Only saponified Olive oil and saponified coconut oil! Not only it prevents the flare, its very moisturizing too! Compounding pharmacy (we in skin pharmacy) also cuctom prepare medications in different dosage forms. Don't like ointments? Don't worry, we can change them to creams or even sprays! Convenient Ordering and Delivery Patients can order medications both online or offline. Orders can be made via email or telephone (SMS only). However, it is advisable for the patients to complete our medical history form (available online via email) the first time to ensure proper medications are compounded for you. Subsequent orders can be made online/ via sms. Delivery will be made via poslaju and it usually takes 1-2 working day to arrive. For prescription compounding, its advicable for patients or clinicians to provide us with a hard copy of the prescription for enforcement recording purposes. For more information on this matter, please contact us.