SkinnyMe Tea

At SkinnyMe Tea we’re all about being healthy and happy. We encourage whole health and wellness and want to share with you the keys to looking good and feeling great. That’s why the SkinnyMe Teatox Program is about more than just our Tea, it’s about lifestyle changes. It’s about changes to your diet, exercise and fluid intake, to assist you with cleansing and detoxifying your body. Because when it comes to feeling good and looking after yourself it’s a multifaceted approach. With that in mind, the SkinnyMe Teatox Program has been designed to incorporate the following: Dietary changes to clean up your diet, avoid common allergens, increase plant-based whole foods and eliminate poor food choices Exercise recommendations to assist with detoxification, weight loss and increased energy Increased intake of water, herbal teas and other fluids to hydrate, provide antioxidant support, improve energy levels, flush your system and support detoxification When combined, the above program supports detoxification of the major organs, weight loss, waste removal, cleansing and flushing of the body, increased antioxidant levels and whole health support. The purpose of this is to take some of the toxic load off the organs and flush your system so you look better, feel better and operate better. By the end of the program you should feel less sluggish and bloated, experience brighter and clearer skin, feel more energetic and look great. Head to to get your teatox today!