Silent Disco New Orleans by Silent Storm

Silent Storm Sound System is a leading wireless headset provider known for creating unique “silent disco” experiences across America. We not only produce silenced events but also allow you to rent equipment to “silence” any event you are creating. Our equipment boasts a range of approximately 300 meters and provides the ability to broadcast up to three channels of sound directly to the high quality wireless headphones worn by your guests. This, combined with individual volume control creates a very personal yet unifying sound experience. Whether you are broadcasting three genres of music to the same audience or providing interactive or multimedia elements such as film, video games, karaoke or comedy, guests of all ages are happy and cohesive. Keep meaningful networking and personal conversations alive by allowing guests to converse freely without having to yell over blaring music. After all, a dance floor grooving to apparent silence makes for great people-watching and will keep your guests talking. You can even allow for multiple-language interpretation at events with an international audience. One of the largest advantages is that you can keep your events going past amplified sound curfews and respect nature or neighbors by isolating music to only those wishing to listen. Whether your event is in a library, museum, vineyard, rooftop, hotel lobby, office or the beach, Silent Storm Sound System can help your guests enjoy a truly unforgettable experience. Contact us for more info at (347) 857-8676 or