SiO Beauty

Learn more about SiO Beauty at SiO (pronounced See-Oh!) is a revolutionary, three-step, overnight beauty regimen designed exclusively to give women a beautiful, wrinkle-free décolleté. The result of tireless research and refinement, SiO’s transformative capabilities stem from the science of its intrinsic medical technology. Even the name is a reflection of the organic components at work: Silicon and Oxygen. Together, these elements create the compound utilized by medical experts for over 30 years to reduce and prevent skin imperfections and scarring. Founder and renowned personal care expert, Gigi Howard, first encountered the healing power of medical-grade silicone through a friend and quickly realized it had the untapped potential to help rejuvenate her décolleté. Gigi used the strip to reduce wrinkles that were becoming more and more prominent on her décolleté every morning. In just one night of use, she noticed a dramatic difference. With the goal of solving her own problem and helping women of all ages, Gigi created the proprietary SiO three-step beauty regimen, consisting of our patent pending SkinPad, Morning Serum and Evening Cleansing Discs. The SiO regimen provides overnight wrinkle relief by smoothing and hydrating the skin. When used consistently, the SiO regimen also helps prevent future wrinkles from forming. The SiO SkinPad is designed to provide an ideal microclimate of hydration that allows your décolleté skin to normalize, plump and smooth. Not only is it a non-invasive, effective solution for eliminating wrinkles, it’s also custom tapered to look and feel like a second skin, hugging the body as closely and comfortably as possible while you sleep. While the ultra-trim design may make you forget it’s there, you won’t be able to ignore the overnight results of restoring and maintaining a smooth, youthful décolleté.