Shield Republic

My name is Daniel Kozik and I am the founder of Shield Republic. Based out of Clayton, North Carolina, I have been in Law Enforcement for 12 years working various fields. Some of those fields included Patrol, Gangs, Narcotics, Highway Interdiction, and K-9. Through my career I have seen many aspects of law enforcement that new recruits don't think about as they're starting their journey. Despite all of the dangers I have encountered, I wouldn't trade my time with the force for anything in the world. In 2016 I decided to create an apparel brand to show support of all First Responders and promote the importance of caring for First Responders and their families. My brother-in-law Barrett Johnson is coming along for the ride as well. The ultimate goal of our company is to build support and awareness for First Responders and their families. In 2017 we decided to expand our reach with a complete rebrand of the former Forged Blue. Daniel Kozik Founder / Owner Shield Republic