The Best Deal for Your Home Improvement Project in Minutes When you have a major home improvement project, the existing online services can help you find several contractors, but that's where they stop. After that it's all the usual process -- set appointments, get quotes and hope you are getting a good deal. In fact, chances are, you are not, because contractors often give you a price based on their perception of how much you can afford to pay. You can save 30-40% on almost any project, but for that you need to meet with probably 10 or more contractors, for which most homeowners just don't have time. With ServiceWhale, you take several minutes to choose what exactly you need to do (e.g. what kind of new heating / cooling system you want, or what kind of new roof or new floor) and then you instantly see custom quotes from all contractors ready to do this for you -- with prices! You don't even have to provide your contact information. Pretty much like on Amazon, when you shop for a new TV -- no calls or meetings needed. Then, if you like any of the quotes, you can ask the contractor(s) any questions you may have, also online, and order the service. You don't have to pay for it upfront, except for a small refundable booking deposit (never to exceed $50). By the way, all quotes on ServiceWhale are discounted, because we save contractors a lot of time and money -- they don't have to spend half a day for coming to your home for an estimate, without even knowing if they'll get your business or not. ServiceWhale is 100% free for homeowners. We are paid by contractors, but only for the actual orders and very qualified leads.