Secrets of Nay

In 1954, in the current territory of Iran, archaeologists have found many secrets hidden for centuries while excavating areas of ancient civilizations. All the discoveries are dated from the time of the first expansions of the Persian empire. They found many secret rooms, books, gold, hookahs, alchemy recipes and secrets encrypted symbols. Among the many secrets, a few were deciphered and one sentence stands out: "...WE ARE LIKE BUBBLES IN THE OCEAN, STEAM IN THE MIST, THE SPELLS IN YOUR LUNGS. WE ARE ONE, WE ARE MANY, WE ARE NAY..." Other inscriptions (also encrypted) tell a fantastic stories about an ultra-secret society called "NAY". Its members were infiltrated at all levels of society, but only a few had a high status to be able to study alchemy, produce or market their rare products. The Persian society of that time always believed in the existence of "nays", but never found traces to prove the history's veracity and treated it as something folkloric, with stories passed from father to son.