Sargeant's Roofing

My name is Joseph Sargeant and I am the owner and operator of Sargeant’s Roofing. (Now you know why Sergeant is mis-spelled!) I am a local to the city of Edmonton and surrounding area, I know the weather here, and that counts for something. I start on a roof when I was 19 years old working for a local owner operator, as a labourer and worked my way up over the course of about 8-9 years. There was something special about working for that company and watching it grow. I was later promoted to shingler and spent years working side by side with the owner, and having him critique my every move, making me better. Working beside him taught me the culture, the consistency, the work ethic and the service that is expected when the guy who is getting paid by the customer is up there, working beside you, relying on the quality of your work to sign his name to it, to build his business on it. He always believed in paying us hourly instead of by the bundle, so we never had an excuse to do the job “half-assed”. Pardon the expression, his words, not mine! As time went on, I took on more and more responsibility, as Foreman. The results of his efforts led him to spend more time off the roof, doing estimates, leaving me to run the roofing crew. Eventually that responsibility grew and I was left to my own devices, to train crews, do estimates, take care of customers, respond to service calls and handle the ever expanding safety expectations in the industry. Finally, the company was sold for a tidy sum to an investor owner who has taken the company to the next level, handling larger scale building projects, but I missed that small company culture. I decided it was time for me to go out on my own, and to follow in his footsteps to create something special, to provide that same sense of familiarity and trust for home owners. Providing people the opportunity to know that the same guy who sells you the roof, is the also the guy who is on your roof. Protecting your investment from the elements. With that goal in mind, I have brought my team to the market. A small core of hard working, proud, committed team members ready to build something special with me. Now in my second year of business, we are already relying mostly on referrals. We decided to create this website for the purpose of being found, providing a place for our previous customers to find us, and to express our passion for good roofing practices online. I will periodically record videos, and provide written information to help you feel more educated and prepared to purchase your new roof. Allowing you to decide how to proceed from a position of knowledge and understanding. Should you ever have a question, I am more than happy to speak with you personally, and you can contact me directly by calling 780-905-1121