Sam Pest Management Sdn. Bhd.

TRUST , The Greatest Word! TRUST Sam Pest Management! SAM PEST MANAGEMENT SDN. BHD. is a Licensed Pest Control Operator and registered with Malaysia Pesticide Board, Department of Agriculture, Malaysia. In the past decades, Samuel Koh, the founder of this company has entered the pest control sector. With many years of experience dealing with all kinds of pest control techniques and the services, which have provided to the customer received the acknowledgement from all level of society. With more and more remarkable feedbacks from the customer has strengthen the will of Samuel to create another milestone. Hence, Sam Pest Management was established. Sam Pest Management, a company that always provide the services beyond customer expectation. A 110% satisfaction of the services is the goal of this company to achieve. We surely think for a solution in a double winning situation for customer, Affordable and Guarantee Service Satisfaction. We trust the best services which have provide to the customer will be the best advertisement at all time to let even more residents enjoy the benefit from us. We Trust the golden proverbs “Customer Is Always Right!” as we always think from the customer standpoint to fulfill each and every request. Trust Sam Pest Management who able to understand you and willing to work with you hand in hand to save every unit of residencies; and together we provide a Pest Free environment.