Sailor Jack Consignment

We accept incoming consignment from the 1st to the 14th of each month. Once you've carefully sorted through your freshly laundered items, paying special attention for stains, fading, broken zippers, missing buttons, pilling or any other signs of wear please fold them neatly and place them in one bag no larger than a regular size garbage bag. ** Due to space constraints, we need to be highly selective and generally do NOT accept value brands from stores like Walmart & Carters and very limited from Old Navy. Please ensure all toys & infant equipment are clean and complete with working batteries. These items need to be fully functional and recent (within 3 years and meet all safety standards). We pay 50% commission on items sold for less than $60 and 60% commission for anything sold above that. Your money is available 3 days after the sale to accommodate our 3 day return policy. The items will go on the floor for 8 weeks, the last 2 weeks at 50% off. Unsold items remaining at the end of the term will be donated to a non-profit organization, unless you call and request they be returned to you prior to the end of the term. We suggest calling 6 weeks after drop-off. We look forward to seeing you!!