Seansual Swimwear

Even since I was a young girl, I felt a special connection to other arts world. I never doubted that I wanted to be involved with arts when I grow up. My passion for aesthetics, fashion and design always has been a huge part of my personality, and I dreamed about being involved with the fashion world. It was only a matter of time deciding in which area of arts I will focus. I took a designing course, where I mostly learned different drawing techniques. Through my first lessons, my work reflected my enormous passion to the fashion world. It was clear to me that I have to start my education and do whatever it takes to fulfill my ambitions and dreams, and so I spent the last four years. The new 2017/2018 Swimsuit collection was inspired from a journey to the world's most amazing places, with a wild nature and exotic, sexy feminine beauty. Place with heavenly pineapples, endless seas, yellow red sunsets and a true freedom atmosphere. The journey I went through is a huge part of my life and the core inspiration for the collection. I wished to transform all my experiences and magical moments into bold, exotic, colorful and sensual design, which emphasize your femininity. I believe that this energy is felt throughout all the models in the collection. Each model has a story behind it, and all of them are true art works, filled with thought and love. It was important for me to contribute with a fresh, unique designing concept and to create a collection with a vast choice of models, so that anyone could feel comfortable, confident, fashionable and sexy. All the products are made out of high-quality materials, carefully chosen and exported from overseas. The sewing work is made by professionals, and we have a set of quality assurance tests to ensure that the final product is perfect for you. For me, the collection is an art that reflects my own experience. When you wear this swimsuit – create your own experience!