Southern Cross Martial Arts Helensvale

The Southern Cross Martial Arts Centre is the home of the Southern Cross Martial Arts Association Inc (IA41386), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of quality martial arts training in the community (ABN 79 256 445 915). SCMA is based in Helensvale on the Gold Coast and is a martial arts training facility offering a variety of programs which are age appropriate, professionally designed and delivered. The school has a strong focus on self development, community mindedness and real world self defence. Fitness and sporting programs within the centre are just that, fitness & sporting programs; they are distinct and separate from the reality based focus of the specific self defence programs. We have age appropriate programs from age 2 and up. Goju Ryu Karate, age specific Kidz Karate, Kudo, Muay Thai, and Fitness Kickboxing. No lock in long term contracts. Safe, clean, and professional. Check us out on Google+ and Twitter at The terms of use for our page are simple: 1. the basic principle of 'do as you would be done by' applies to all posts so no swearing, abuse, bullying or other nonsense will be tolerated. 2. this is a private page for the members and families of members of Southern Cross Martial Arts Centre. If you're not participating or are acting like a fool, you'll be banned at the discretion of the page admins. 3. No unsolicited advertising material or spam. Any posting of advertising material of events or products without the express permission of the page moderators will result in the post being deleted and you being blocked and banned. No warnings. Life is too short to argue over such poor manners.