Rugby Warfare

OUR HISTORY We started off by being frustrated that there was very little information on how to eat and train optimally for a rugby player. In general, unless you’re in the regions you won’t get access to the training systems, nutrition advice, pre-match preparation and so fourth. Our aim was to create a website filled with content to help any rugby player of any level up their game, for free. The fitness industry has millions of articles on how to become leaner, bigger, faster and stronger but it isn’t a simple cross over to rugby, a performance sport. Over time, we wrote, collaborated and worked with top rugby coaches, players and strength coaches to bring you the best rugby content on the web. This all started in 2012. It’s now 2016 and we now aim to change the rugby lifestyle and clothing market like we did with the rugby content market. Our aim is to create innovative rugby branded lifestyle clothing. All our garments are custom made to fit that of an athletic rugby player or sports player. Our designs are truly unique. We use the best quality materials on the market. We are quickly growing and aim to become the #1 rugby clothing brand in the world, we welcome you to join our movement.