Roadwise Driver Training

We have been a locally owned business for 28 years. Committed to lowering the death toll on our roads, we are devoted to giving new drivers the BEST quality lessons, teaching them good Defensive Driving Habits. We work closely with local High Schools and Rotary on the Sunshine Coast with Pre-Learner Courses. We believe the earlier we install good attitudes to driving the safer we all will be. Students will gain experience in: - Driving at high speeds and low speeds - Handling roundabouts and intersections - Merging and changing lanes - Driving in different environments New drivers will also learn the answers to the pre-drive check that Queensland Transport does on test day. We will cover the testing areas with our students and, before they go for their Practical test with Queensland Transport, we will conduct a mock test so that they know exactly what to expect on the day of the test. We will even book the driving test and do all the paperwork!