Make Life A RITUAL Follow us to learn more www.makelifearitual.com Jillian has been modeling and creating art professionally since she was 4 years old, starting with JC Penney and growing into Coca-Cola AudioVox advertisements. Finishing her home schooling by age 15, she devoted herself to making art, making music, performing, and working on the computer. Being naturally gifted, she was soon signed by Elite, where she worked with top photographers on a number of editorials and ads. She acted, danced, and was obsessed with hacking the internet and the fusion of art and technology. The black sheep of her family, her teenage icons were Madonna, Helmut Newton, and Beethoven. Soon bored with casting calls, she decided to build her own website as an alternative marketing strategy. It got a lot of attention, long ranked in the top 100 of all websites in the world, and garnering some 10-20 million hits on the internet. As a consequence, she was soon receiving 99 percent of her bookings direct. As an up and coming model, Jillian didn’t believe she should be limited to one genre, as from her perspective, fashion, nude, glamour, fetish, and art were all synergistic components of her overall expression. Many people said such a broad approach could not work, which only fueled her ambition. And as of today, she has been on the cover of over 50 magazines. Multi-talented, she also performs as an accomplished DJ and singer, making electronic-based music charting in the tops of all her genres, and has toured the world and played all the cool places. But even that wasn’t enough, as Jillian soon gets bored doing the same thing over and over without improvement and growth. She had always loved fashion, but felt most designs were like oversized boxes made from cheap materials she had to try to make look sexy and not good for the planet, the tailors or the wearer. So she formed RITUAL, with her then partner and lover Cassidy who previously had designed for Ernte and Skingraft RITUAL is a fashion + music + art house:www.ritual.fashion. They Split ways in 2016 both creatively and as lovers as they desired to go different directions in love and art. Since then Jillian has been designing and releasing new designs and taking the company into a more sustainable and eco friendly direction. Her goal was to make clothing sexy, luxurious, decedent, sustainable and daring. Ritual Fashions have now been in more editorials than she can keep up with, worn by more famous people than she could ever have imagined, with more and more customers trying to acquire them daily. Through her extensive online presence, she typically reaches over 2 million people a month. Jillian looks the same today as when she was 21, thanks to a healthy diet, lots of sex, vampire facials, yoga, meditation, and practicing tantra. Fashion: http://www.RITUAL.FASHION/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RitualWear RITUAL IG: www.instagram.com/ritual_official/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RitualWear,