Ritter Dressage

Times are a-changing... And so is how you learn dressage. Another way is possible. A way of approaching dressage work, which honors the rider’s individual vision and choice of expression. A way of training horses which honors the horse’s mind, body, and spirit equally. A way of learning to ride which empowers the rider with the tools to understand the why, the what, and the how. A way of learning which allows you, the student to be in charge of your own learning and the hands-on training of your own horse. A way that empowers YOU as the one who “holds the reins” (figuratively and literally!!) A way which is: student-friendly, horse-friendly, and learning-friendly. A heart-centered, compassionate method based on straight-forward biomechanics of horse and rider. Our approach is easy to understand; it breaks everything down into little lessons which build upon each other in a systematic, cohesive system. You can start with our system or you can integrate it into what you have already learned. Our approach is based on science and nature, so it will only be incompatible with approaches which do not honor biomechanics or the horse’s spirit. You can apply what you learn here to whatever it is you do with your horse, even if it is not even dressage. We have students across all riding disciplines who are able to successfully apply our methods and approach to bring out the best in their horse in the easiest, most compassionate way possible. Our approach is kind and compassionate. Our approach teaches you to see problems from the horse’s point of view, and it teaches you how to resolve any problem in the kindest, most horse-friendly way. Our approach respects YOU as the one in charge of your learning and your horse’s training. You are the one in control. We live in Germany where we work with riders of all skill levels, all disciplines, and all types of horses. We have taught throughout USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, and Switzerland. We have published two books on dressage, one based on biomechanics and the other about the work on the longrein. Our next book on training the Flying Changes will be released in early 2017. Join our Free Community here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArtisticDressage/ To get exclusive articles, tips, bits of inspiration, and updates on all of the ways you can take part with what we do... join our newsletter at artisticdressage.com/newsletter . Our first online course was released to a sold-out registration in January 2017. To get notifications when enrollment open on our upcoming courses, sign up here: www.artisticdressage.com/online .