Richard "Chilli" Flores

Im not usually too personal on here but as I continue to grow I believe I will continue to open up a little more as ya’ll continue to watch my story unfold. So this is for anyone who goes out on the weekends and would still like to earn an extra income like I once did. Let me explain exactly what I did and how this transpired. And I am sure many of you can relate. Please understand I am not judging anyone, we all have our own life and choices, I am simply sharing my personal story of what happened to me. Whether you are out right now, decided to stay in, or were forced to stay in. This may apply to you. So a relatively short time ago wen I would go out every weekend, (wen I was a bit younger than I am now lol), lets say for a time I was going out every sat night, religiously. There are many who can vouch for this. So on average and not to the extreme this is what I would spend: Gas-$10 Drinks-$20 (im a lightweight and i don't buy drinks for females unless I'm really interested) Late night meal-$8 Now lets take a look at the math, 10+20+8= $38/wk $38/wk x 4wks= $152/MONTH, This is at least how much I would spend every month just to go out AT LEAST once a week. Now lets keep in mind as I truthfully admit, I was going out WAAAAYYY more than once a week, but for simplicity purposes we will just say at least once a week. Then I made a decision.. and even tho I had a decent paying job, I made a decision that I wanted to change my financial situation because I was just tired of having too much month at the end of my money. So this is what I did, i stopped going out so much, I started going out at first 2 times a month, now I hardly go out, and if you know me you know I only go out on special occasions. Now using the same amount of money I was already spending on myself, I just saved it. Which totaled just a ball park figure of about $76 extra dollars per month. But what I did next is really what put me in the position I am now. I did plenty of research and I simply invested that money into one business i found that I liked and made sense and could see myself able to do.. Then, after I made enough profit from that business, I invested into another business I liked, then once I had more money, I invested into another one and another and I'm sure u can get the picture here. Point is, I started small, and worked my way up. Now I am very proud and excited to be in a position to help others change their lives and do the same only if they are willing to do so, but it all started with a vision and a goal, then a decision. What really helped motivate me was sometimes I wanted to spend more than just $20 when I was out, but I honestly couldn't afford it. So I ask u, if you want to create an extra source of income for yourself and your family, would you be willing to follow my steps? If your answer is yes, then let me do you the favor and show you how you can change your finical situation and start earning money for yourself without having to quit your current job or situation. I still work my 40+ hr a week full time job (for now).... but I am much happier going into work I can tell u that! Even if you have no extra money to invest in anything, I will show you how to change that. Like I said I am very happy to be in the position that I am in to help others and would be more than glad to help you. Reach out to me in a private message so I can show you what I do. Message me with any of your questions.