Rich Girl Business

Hello Rich Girls! My name is Danielle Murrell, the online branding expert for female entrepreneurs. I help women create & polish their brand so they can shine online. I want to teach and inspire women to find their passion and turn into profit. Why? Because I am troubled talking to women and finding out that they aren’t doing what they really want to do because they are scared, don’t know where to start, afraid of what other’s will think and refusing to get a little uncomfortable to unlock their true potential. But it doesn’t stop there. Those who do step out and decide to a build a business are having a little trouble too. You see, 75% of women owned businesses make less than $50,000/yr. and 68% make less $25,000/yr. The one thing we are banking on to set us free somehow imprisons us. We end up working more hours and make a lot less money then if we were working for “the man”. This doesn’t make sense, does it? It’s actually quite heartbreaking. It's time to have the Rich Girl Mindset I believe that everyone has a talent to share and once you discover what that is, you can act on that gift and grow a business and create a life you have always dreamt of. It’s time to work smart. It’s time to learn how to grow our business and brand. It’s time to believe it’s possible. It’s time to have a Rich Girl Business!