Regan Hillyer

Why freedom? Well, apart from the fact that I LOVE being Free, I’ve come to realise that freedom is what so many other people desire. I’ve found that so many people are stuck. Stuck in their job that they don’t love, stuck not receiving the money they deserve, stuck in relationships that don’t serve them, stuck on the treadmill trading time for money, time for money… People are trapped in an outdated 9-5 system that makes them work (way too) hard for 40 hours a week (at least) for 40 years (or more) and then struggle to retire on, well, not much. Now I don’t know about you – but that sounds like a living nightmare to me!! People often ask me, Reg, how are you constantly traveling? How have you created financial freedom and a 7 figure income at the age of 24? How are you able to just jump on a plane whenever you feel like it? And it comes down to three clear things, My Vision, My Mindset and, The Vehicles that I have used to make it all a reality. And now it’s time to give back. I’m on a mission to help and inspire over 1000 people (as a starting point) to earn high 6 and 7 figures and truly live their free life. And if you’re reading this, then this includes you. I want to help you design your free life and create freedom on your terms, however it looks for you. Do you want to travel more? Spend more time with you family and friends? Do what you have always dreamed of? Quit your job? Live anywhere in the world that you please? Give massive amounts to your favourite charity? Whatever it looks like for you, there’s one thing I know for sure… You CAN have it all.