Redink Homes

Why the name? Traditionally, clients are asked to make changes to their house plans in red ink. However, these days most home builders don't want you to make changes. It's easier for a home builder if you build off their basic plans, so they'll either refuse outright or charge you the earth for alterations. Scott Park has chosen 'red ink' as the symbol for what his new building company is all about. He invites your input and welcomes your changes - because, after all, it's your home, it's your choice. The home you want - any way you like it Redink Homes heralds a new era in flexibility. Scott Park has developed a range of initial home designs as a starting point for discussion with your home builder. It's then up to you to decide the number of bedrooms, room sizes, ceiling heights, the level of finish, lighting options - everything is flexible. It's your home, your choice.