Raw Botanicals Cosmetics

Raw Botanicals was BORN & RAISED in Costa Rica. Every product we produce is created simply using only the highest quality "rockin" ingredients we can find. Our small family run business insures that all of our ingredients are hand selected and sourced from small Costa Rican family farms, Fair Trade producers and USDA Certified botanicals. We believe every business has a responsibility to preserve a sustainable environment, that's why we are dedicated to making the world a better place by changing the way we all consume body products. To do this we offer hotels refillable dispensers that provide the following benefits: •Cost Savings: 30-50% savings when switching from traditional small bottle bath products •Easy Budgeting: You know your exact cost every month for all the products you need •Easy Ordering: One step ordering is the fastest in Costa Rica •Environmentally friendly: Refillable Eco-dispensers that assist your location in obtaining maximum Green Leaf status within the Costa Rican CST program •Complimentary private labeling: For each Eco-dispenser, with your hotels logo •Organic biodegradable products: That your clients will love •Free & Fast Shipping: Most orders ship next day •Marketing: We provide you with tools, text, and information to tell your potential clients all about your change to more environmentally friendly bathroom products