Raul Villacis

My name is Raul Villacis. I am a family man, entrepreneur, investor and mentor to fellow entrepreneurs. I am the founder and driving force behind Next Level Experience – The EDGE, a system I designed to help successful entrepreneurs and CEOs find clarity and achieve balance in their personal and professional lives. In addition to this, I am the CEO of my own realty company, a public speaker and a writer. I began my journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 23 when I started my own real estate company. By the time I was 30, my real estate company had become the largest latino-owned real estate investment firm in Connecticut. I had offices in Connecticut and New York City. I employed over 150 people. The real estate market collapse of 2008 had devastating effects on both myself as well as my company. Forced to lay off my entire staff, faced with seemingly insurmountable debts and obstacles, I felt, for the first time, truly overwhelmed. Who could understand the pressure that a self-made entrepreneur feels? Who knows the gut-wrenching heartache of having everything you built come crashing down? Who could I relate to? From the chaos of these tribulations I found the inspiration to start the Next Level Experience. Angry and alone, with nobody left to blame, I began a process of personal re-discovery. I stopped drinking. I invested thousands in personal coaching. I read and read and read. I began to practice active meditation. I rededicated myself to my relationships with my wife and my children. Through this process I was able to shed the doubts and fears that had clouded my mind. I found clarity. I was able to reconnect with the inner warrior that had at one time given me the courage and motivation to attack my goals. As I would say to my Next Level clients, I found my EDGE. Since this time I have dedicated my time and energy to sharing his process with other CEOs and entrepreneurs. I understand the unique pressures that these men face. Life is tough at the top. My goal is to help these men shed their personal doubts and find clarity in their lives. I want them to find the balance that turned my life around. I have hosted 19 Next Level Boot Camps. I have created my Inner Circle, a network for successful businessmen to connect and hold each other accountable to the goals that they set for themselves. I currently live in Stamford, CT with my wife and two children. I am a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine as well as Forbes. In addition to my work with The Next Level Experience, I am also in the process of writing my third book. For updates on my Next Level events, weekly tips for self improvement or just general information contact me at raul@thenextlevelexperience.com. Thank you again for visiting my page. I hope to connect with you soon.