Welcome to Raptorazor home of the “Big Game Skinner” and the “MAKO” two knifes that will revolutionize the hunting and fishing world. My Name is Rick Grover and I am the founder and inventor. I have been an avid outdoorsman all my life. I was raised in Northern California; in Lassen County, at the end of the High Sierra mountain range and the start of the Nevada Dessert, surrounded by alpine lakes and dessert reservoirs. We had a wide variety of hunting and fishing opportunities. Everything from monster mule deer to the famous Eagle Lake Trout. As well as some of the best bird hunting you’ll ever find. As a kid I couldn’t wait until the day I would be old enough to hunt. I remember waiting for my father to return from his hunting trips. He almost always brought back trophy horns. It was so exciting to sit at the dinner table and hear the stories and relive the hunt with him. Some of the best memories of my hunting and fishing are the experiences my father gave me as kid. I was raised a third generation mason. My Grandfather and father taught us the invaluable skills of masonry and hard work. I have continued in those footsteps for the past 35 years...Working hard so I can play hard. Always excited about my next hunting or fishing experiences, as if it was the first time all over again. I have seen that same excitement in my kids’ eyes when they shot their fist buck on Molokai and caught the first salmon out of the Kenai River in Alaska. Hunting and fishing has connected my family in ways that could not have been achieved otherwise. I have had the fortunate opportunity to deer hunt 5-6 times a year and elk hunt at least every other for the past 15 years. During that time I have field dressed and processed countless animals. I have tried everything at least once, and have made my share of mistakes. As a kid I was taught to gut the animal and pack out the entire animal. I remember my first buck at 14 years old. I had to drag it over the mountain to the nearest road. Nearly 4 hours later and exhausted. I told myself there’s got to be a better way. Why drag out what you can’t eat? That’s why the gutless field dressing is so great. You get 98% of all eatable meat and leave the rest behind.. No more breaking you back and spending countless hours packing out what you don’t have to. I have tried most of the knives on the market only to have them break or become dull after one use. The gut hook for example that is on the back of a blade. It works great the first time, but then it becomes dull and is very hard to resharpen. You then have to buy a new knife or power thru it with a dull knife. And the most dangerous knife is a dull one. When you have to apply to much force to make the cut, that’s when the knife can slips and you get cut. With plastic gut hooks, you typically can’t apply very much force to them before they break. Then you are back to square one using your conventional buck knife to field dress your animal. With the “Big Game Skinner” you will have a knife that is guaranteed not to break and you will always have a factory edge at your finger tips. Tested to lift over 600 lbs. and machined of sold aluminum. This is a knife that will not break and can be passed down for generations to come. It will give you more control and speed, for a cleaner harvest. You will have less wasted meat due to contamination with hair and bacteria. Not only are these knifes great for field dressing animals, they are the perfect knife for boating and fishing. It has taken me a while to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. And it’s the same thing I was doing for fun as a kid. Hunting and fishing. I am finally doing something that I’m truly passionate about. We would like to get your feedback and are always open to new suggestions to better serve you. Please post your hunting experience on our “Hall of Fame” page…Raptorazor.com Our number one priority is to make your hunting experience a successful one. As always… Stay safe, and have fun! ~Rick