Kimberly Ramsey

Hi and Welcome To My Page! To begin, here is a brief history on me and how I came to be a digital nomad. I graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering and like most broke, college students with impending student loans, I started working immediately afterwards. However, after several years of working, a relocation, and countless hours of overtime, I decided it was time for a change. I was severely burnt out. And I was not living the life I always thought I would be. I had left several unfulfilled dreams of traveling the world sitting on the back-burner. So I Took Action. To start, I quit my job and went backpacking through Asia and Europe with my boyfriend! And I had never felt so fulfilled in my life.... We did everything from visiting some of the most beautiful architecture and historic ruins to experiencing nature at its finest during extended hikes and treks. We learned more about each country’s history and explored new cultures together. Being able to experience so many different ways of living made me rethink what I had been doing all along. After 6 months, we returned home and I decided I wanted to keep the momentum going. I pursued a second dream in which I volunteered to teach English abroad in Chile. And again, that experience surpassed my expectations and enriched my life on a whole new level. I immersed myself in the culture and gave my everything to inspiring my students to not only learn English, but to also follow their dreams. I was leading by example..... So Now Here I Am. I want to continue to lead by example. I have discovered a way to support myself by building a profitable business using the internet. And this has allowed me the flexibility and time to continue chasing my dreams. I will be sharing about my life's adventures here in hopes of inspiring others to do the same! If you too feel the burning desire to take action, don't hesitate to reach out to me! Thanks for reading my story!! I hope you enjoy this space as much as I enjoy living it. :) Kimberly