Ragamuffin Pet Photography

Award winning pet photographer, Caitlin McColl, specialises in creating earthy and natural art that captures the soul of your little ragamuffin. Contact us today to discuss booking your own amazing Ragamuffin experience! We create earthy, natural and artistic photography that captures the soul of your little ragamuffins. Renowned for her unique style and happy patience, Caitlin has combined a passion for animals with her expertise in photography to build Ragamuffin Photography. If you are looking for a friendly, creative photographer who will work closely with your family to guarantee that you walk away with portraits that make your heart sing with joy, then look no further than Ragamuffin Photography. You can rely on outstanding boutique customer service and feel good about supporting an environmentally friendly local artist who believes in giving back to those in need. You can relax and sit back (a glass of wine in hand is always encouraged) while you enjoy a fun Ragamuffin session in your own home or any location of your choice ~ no time limits, no queues and definitely no stress. Most importantly, you can own beautiful, quality portraits that capture the very essence of your little ragamuffin, in all their honest, raw, pure and perfect beauty.