What are coilovers? The term "coilover" comes from COIL spring OVER shock absorber. Coilovers are used to lower your car's center of gravity for reduced weight transfer when going into turns.Coilovers are also used to improve the aesthetics of your vehicle. How Do Coilovers Work? Coilovers work by allowing you to make adjustments that will improve the look and performance of your car.You can adjust... 1. Your ride height 2. Ride stiffness 3. Camber & Castor What to expect from coilovers The ride quality of a set of coilovers verses your stock suspension will be different. Because of the higher spring and damping rates of the dampers, the ride will be more harsh. With all of our coilovers, we aim to specifically allow for a substantial amount of adjustment while still keeping the necessary increases within the realm of still being comfortable for a daily driven vehicle. However, to reiterate, the ride will be more harsh than stock. For more info on our coilovers, feel free to give us a call to 801.365.1440.