RYS Conscious Fitness

Our vision at Green Rocks Fitness is to help each individual discover their own way to health. Our guide-by-the-side programming provides time for each person to engage their inner knowledge and tools to enjoy the full circle of health. We believe in education, energy, and sharing a sense of community. We will focus our work together on monitoring your habits and creating a clean diet, proper workout recovery, regular workout habits, integrating assisted bodywork and physical fitness incorporating body weight for resistance or gym equipment for more progressive workouts. At GRF, fitness holistic health are as accessible and attainable as nature intended. We are instinctively moved outdoors, inspired by the philosophy of the outdoor activity, to reconnect with nature as we reconnect with our health. Being healthy is about balancing all areas of life. During 'your' life-cycle we will be there to support you with programming ranging from medical rehabilitation, exercising with your newborn to maintaining your vitality at any age!