Mindset Performance Training

If you're trying to get ahead in life or improve your mindset, this group is for you. If you want to know what it REALLY takes to get ahead, in both business and personal development ...this is the group for you. The admins of this group are the owners of a company called Mindset Performance Training. Mindset Performance Training was founded on the idea that it’s not so much about HOW to get ahead. More importantly, is to help you overcome the very things that have been holding you back. Only then can you truly propel forward. Our focus is to help you get the quality of life you covertly crave and ultimately deserve, even if you don’t know how to get there — yet. GROUP RULES: 1. No spam. Please no promotional posts of any kind. Whether your own business or someone else’s’. The post will be deleted and you may be banned without warning. 2. Be supportive. Making the decision to change from within and asking for help is a big step. This is a challenging process which requires persistence, commitment and grit. We are here to help each other, provide support and make a difference. Don’t put one another down. That’s against everything we stand for at MPT. If we think you’re being an asshole, you’ll get the boot. 3. Stay on topic. This is not a place to discuss random things. We are here to discuss and support each other in our journey of BECOMING OUR BEST. ADDITIONAL NOTES: Don’t be a creep. If you’re just here to read and not contribute… you’re not really helping yourself or anyone else. Introduce yourself, get uncomfortable and grow. Reza, Victoria and The Mindset Performance Training team are here to provide inspiration and insight, during your transformation journey. It would be a disservice to you if we provided free 1-on-1 advice in this group without knowing your full situation. We don’t agree with quick fixes, or their yo-yo results. Instead, we take the time and energy to help you fix the problem — at it’s root. ______________________________________________ We believe that The Mindset Transformation Experience is the BEST method in the world to improve your life. We’ve come to accept this, by tracking and witnessing the incredible results of our amazing clients. If you are open, teachable and ready for change; we invite you to apply for a complimentary Clarity Call. This will allow you to know if The Mindset Transformation Experience is a good fit for you. To apply and schedule a call with our founder Reza START HERE: http://mindsetperformancetraining.com/clarity-call ______________________________________________ Every now and then, we will be sharing information about our experience and other services. If this bothers you, this isn’t the group for you. Welcome to THE MINDSET MASTERMIND GROUP presented by Reza, Victoria and Mindset Performance Training! We look forward to your journey of clarity, confidence and success in whatever you do. ARE YOU READY?