Hello fitness enthusiast, welcome to the official QFITBOOTCAMP Facebook page. Have you found yourself making little to no progress at your local box gym? Or are you looking for a gym but none look appealing to you? Do you want to do something about this, maybe get on an awesome workout and diet plan scientifically proven to melt fat away? Want to join a community full of energy, good vibes, and be surrounded by people who are in the same situation as you? QFIT Boot Camp is not a traditional gym where you pay a monthly membership to use equipment and are left to workout all alone. If you like the idea of being a lone wolf then boot camp is definitely not for you, as we are all about community and teamwork. When you join our boot camp you are joining a team/fitfam. The actual workout sessions will be largely based on functional exercises. These exercises will not only melt fat away, and get you into the most amazing shape, but they will help you feel and function better, hence our slogan, “quality fitness”. We know the results you get with us will be lasting results, unlike the time you went on a crash diet, lost 10 pounds just to regain it back within a few weeks. How do we keep the fat off? We have made it our goal to not just tell you something, but to teach each and every individual the science behind weight loss. We will not just throw you on a diet plan, we will teach you the ins and outs about things like macronutrients, micronutrients, and much more. We will let you know why things like strength training and HIIT training are excellent ways to get ultra lean and why you shouldn't be running on a treadmill all day. Learning will help build your weight loss tool belt to keep the fat off for good. We are not the gym that cost little to nothing to join, we don’t have a big fancy pool, and we are not a multi million dollar franchise. We are a community full of energy with our focus on the most important thing… RESULTS!!! If you’re ready to see results please contact us by phone, email, or even drop in during a workout. If you want to try us out for a day or even a week just ask and will get you in and going right away!!!