Vanessa Corazon - Psychic Business Coach

I'm Vanessa! I'd like to share a bit of my intuitive journey with you…so you can get to know me a bit better, and see what I'm all about and aren't left wondering.."who the heck is this chic?" But before I do that I should give you a bit of a disclaimer…it's a pretty darn ordinary story…maybe even one like you've experienced - there's no spells, or strange voodoo, no blood of a 1000 virgins, monsters under the bed, rainbow-farting unicorns or frog princes..I haven't had any hunky angels appear, or any lotto numbers…(ergh, I know right!?) My intuitive journey started at a young age, inspired by my grandmother's belief in psychics and fortune telling, and my father's paranormal experiences…I guess you can say I'm a fourth generation psychic (if you believe in that sort of thing). I dabbled in tarot,palmistry and meditation...*cue mental image of me trying to hold awkward yoga poses and chanting OMMMM* Fast forward to 2001... ... at the age of 18 I was hit head on - literally (by a truck). It was a car accident I was lucky to walk out of alive. It not only totalled the car I was in, but shook me to my core and focused my desire to know and understand my purpose and why I was still here. A few short months later... I stumbled into psychic mediumship after experimenting with trying to see things for people I didn't know…little did I know the 'pictures' and feelings I saw and felt for them, turned out to not only be accurate but also could have only come from their loved ones on the other side. Then after successfully holding hundreds of readings over the years …. everything started to crumble. I experienced a tremendously difficult period in my life … my marriage fell apart, my grandfather died, I went through a period of extreme financial difficulty, and I left an abusive family environment...all within a short be honest, it nearly broke me. I have never been at such a low moment in all my life. The emotional block it triggered lasted YEARS. After having given so many amazing sessions…I couldn't receive messages for myself, let alone anyone else. Nothing - Zip, Zilch, Nada. How could I go from feeling so connected, receiving such profound messages to feeling so alone, isolated and desperate for connection? Then everything began to change... It was when I decided to get to the bottom of it, and really began digging, trying to understand exactly how psychic mediumship worked, and to replicate my experiences, like a scientist in a lab, breaking down Psychic Intuition into a step by step process, that I started to see results like this.. • I held live classes in Medical Intuition & Energy Healing to ecstatic students • Created The Psychic Code Method, a psychic development program that helps you to uncover your unique psychic skills and go from zero to holding professional intuitive readings in 3 hours or less. • Been featured in The Huffington Post, Westender Magazine, Within Magazine and The Edgar Cayce Conference. • Successfully read for hundreds of clients in over 30+ countries around the world • Held a city-wide holistic expo • Launched and ran a Holistic Magazine And most importantly I regained my confidence in myself, and my abilities….and was finally able to continue fulfilling my life's work. Since then I have gone on to support clients world-wide to build lives and businesses that support their highest good, fulfill their purpose and help them embrace their gifts. From creating their dream business, to launching their offers, breaking through mindset, emotional and financial blocks, and shifting out of unhealthy life long patterns.