Project Yourself

The ancient technologies and dormant powers that are shared here are real, actionable tools. Tools that straddle the line between science and spirituality, and empower you to create almost anything you want in your reality: whether it’s to change the world, earn millions, live out your passion, or simply connect with your deepest self. Some of what I want to show you includes phenomena like Sexual Transmutation. Sacred Geometry. Lucid Dreaming. Quantum Mechanics. Meditation (as in real, consciousness-altering meditation, not the diluted type you find all over the mass media). And so, so much more. I believe with a little guidance, YOU can harness these tools to spark massive change in yourself, and the world around you. Since I began this movement in December 2012, over one million people worldwide belong to this community. Our tribe supports each other's dreams and aspirations, and all of my personal wisdom is available through Facebook, email, and our private membership area. It doesn’t matter what spiritual or religious beliefs you have. Or whether you’re the scientific or the ‘woo-woo’ sort. Or whether you even have any experience with mind-body-spirit practices. All you need is an open mind... and a burning desire to live a bigger life. Join us. ~ Amish Shah