Project Forgive

Hi, It's Dr. Shawne Here's the thing.. In creating this facebook page we noticed a few things when it comes to creating a global movement on forgiveness: -Research shows that there are strong links to forgiveness and your capacity to deeply take care (or not take care) of your physical and emotional health. That's why we share health related information. -Research shows when we bond with animals, we have a greater capacity to bond with others (humans�). That's why we share the beautiful animal stories and videos. -Research shows when we are touched, moved and inspired, our heart opens in beautiful ways to help restore our hope in humanity, while loosening the tight grip of past pain and heavy grudges. That's why we share inspiring stories and videos. -Research also shows when we engage in interesting articles or fun information, it expands our brain's capacity and contributes to the opening of hearts. That's why we share interesting research and fun stuff, for the pure joy of it... -Research shows when we're hurting or finding it hard to forgive someone, we tend to view the world in a negative way as well. That's why we started the #PeopleAreGood campaign, to consistently remind us, that no matter what hardships we may be facing, a small shift in perception can help you remember that people really are good. -Research also shows that there are many stages of forgiveness (shock, anger, grief, acceptance, and peace), and that forgiveness is a non-linear process. That means some forgiveness posts will not match how you're feeling. We designed the page that way on purpose, to meet you at the stage you may be at in this moment.. Forgiveness is a process and is deeply unique for each individual. That's why we share a range of posts on forgiveness, so that we can support you where ever you may be on the continuum of your forgiveness journey. Our mission is to advance forgiveness education globally, specifically: -to promote health and well-being -and support kids at risk through self-esteem and leadership workshops that foster the skill of forgiveness. Please head to our website. Much love, Dr. Shawne Duperon