Prim-Ed Publishing

Prim-Ed Publishing prides itself on excellence, intricate attention to detail and sits at the forefront of primary school educational innovation. With a product portfolio of over 850 titles in print representing all areas of the curriculum Prim-Ed publishing has gained an esteemed reputation among teachers and practitioners in the Education sector. Prim-Ed provide a diverse range of educational solutions in all curriculum areas including resources for mainstream education, special needs and teachers of lower secondary school students. In addition to the main line range of photocopiable resources, Prim-Ed’s range of products includes the very popular and widely used workbook range of “New My Spelling Workbook” and the ever-growing “New Wave Mental Maths”, along with a variety of other individual student product. These titles are widely used in Irish primary schools and are gaining momentum in the UK. Prim-Ed’s product offering has developed over the years and our new boxed product line of Comprehension Boxes and Brainsnack© (the problem solving skills box), are some of the hottest moving products in the education market both here and internationally. We have also moved with the times in digital development and now have a large selection of our titles available in e-Book format. These are presented in our own digital library for ease of access for teachers. Our extensive range of interactive whole-class teaching software is also available through our digital library.