Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Research shows how postural imbalances can be major factors in pain, tightness, and injuries that are associated with joints and muscles. While postural imbalances are very common, they are not ideal for your body to function properly. Your body wants to move easily through space so it can conserve energy, postural imbalances work against this. Posturology is a technique that stimulates specific areas of the body in order to activate the brain and restore optimal communication between the nervous system and the muscles. Neuroscientists have identified key sensory receptors responsible for the way the brain organizes posture information. For example: • the skin of the feet tell the brain where the body is on the ground; • the eye muscles telegraph the position of the head to the brain. When your feet are uneven on the ground, your body compensates creating imbalance in the rest of your body. Similarly, asymmetrical eye tracking can result in head and shoulder tilt as your brain attempts to keep the eyes on a level plane. Sensory imbalances cause postural alignment issues, which can lead to pain symptoms and conditions, instability and weakened performance. What is the Posturepro International Performance Program? The Posturepro International Performance Program (P.I.P.P.) is designed to provide you education in the field of Posturology. It is the most advanced evaluation and treatment system for correcting postural imbalances, improving performance and targeting pain, instability and strength. It provides practitioners with the tools and knowledge to address and prevent a wide variety of conditions. Who needs this Program? Any health care and/or fitness professional that is seeking to obtain long lasting results with their clients or patients can benefit from adding Posturology to their practices. Posturology can enrich your profession and improve the outcomes of treatments. By bringing the body to an optimal alignment, strength increases, energy levels improve and daily performance is optimized. Strength gains up to 5.1% can be seen in elite athletes just in one consultation. Since Posturology targets the central nervous system, impressive results can be seen with neurological conditions, most especially in regards to stability, gait patterns and pain. Who should take the P.I.P.P.? This program is designed for any practitioner that treats or manages pain associated with injuries and conditions, trains athletes, or work with clients looking to increase their strength or overall performance. Posturology allows the practitioner to look at the body as a whole; therefore, any practitioner that works on improving the functionality the body could benefit from incorporating Posturology techniques into their clients’ protocols.