Piotar Boa - Digital Marketing

First I want to introduce myself to all the people who have never seen me before now. My name is Piotar Boa, I am Italian, and I am a livestreamer and influencer. I have a 'digital promotion agency and my job is to promote artists and companies through the live streaming integrated with other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube. My method, my strategy is unique and inimitable because I customize it according to the needs of the artist or the company. I create campaigns to help artists to promote their talent, to increase their followers on social networks organically and as last but not least ... I help them become more popular and famous . I take care not only of artists but also of companies. I can help your company to promote a new brand or launch a new product or service. For some selected companies I teach them how to use the live streaming through my courses or webinars. I want to be clear and transparent with all of you: my method works if you are a talented artist, often people send me videos, songs .. I watch and listen, but I decide not to promote them. Do you know why? Simply because many of them are arrogant, they think they have talent but it is not true. Or many companies want me to promote their products or services, but I always say one thing: "I do not know your product, Send me before your product or let me try, I want to test it first and then decide whether or not to promote it. I have always refused politely to promote artists or companies who in my opinion did not deserve to be promoted.I do not do it just for the money, I keep very much to preserve my reputation and my credibility '. I can not speak well of someone or something if I do not like them: I would be a liar and I don’t like make fun of people who follow me and trust me. That's my philosophy and I can not change it for the money. Anyway I also like to help those people who have talent but have few followers, little money to spend in advertising etc. For this reason on August 10, 2015 I founded Piotar Boa Project. Do you know it ? You know how it works? Piotar Boa is a wonderful community where I together with other talent scouts (we called them TOPFOLLOWERS) discover and promote for free talented people (we called them TOPTALENT) who daily broadcast on periscope or other live streaming apps as Busker for example. During one month all the community share the content of talented people using all social networks . In this way artists can reach more visibility, showcase their talent and grow their audience. A few months ago a lot of them, not all is clear, they had a maximum of 100 total viewers in every broadcast , today they are very followed and loved STARS of Periscope, twitter or facebook. It will not be misunderstood or sound pretentious: Clearly the merit of their success is primarily in their talents and their skills. I and my friends have just shared their talent to all Piotar Boa friends. This is the magical power of sharing. Just to be clear and honest, I do not have a degree in marketing. All I know is the result of 20 years of experience, hard work and study. I have participated to hundreds of online marketing courses, read books, followed the best American and European trainers. I learned from each of them and I created my method. So who wants to contact me can do so by sending an email or a private message.