Hello! I'm Alan, thanks for dropping by to check out my images. I'm originally from Tasmania and now live in Melbourne, Bayside area to be specific. It's not the first time I've lived here, I actually studied photography at RMIT and managed to get myself an honours degree in applied science photography. That meant I could go out into the world and take photos of yucky things like medical specimens, I quickly decided that I would rather work with people on happy things like portraits and wedding. Essentially I love stories, I do love to read a good book and watch a great movie. The story is always the key for me in all my work. When I was studying I would head out every week to see live comedy and realised that my favourite comedians were the story tellers who took you on a journey. I love tagging along on my client's journeys and giving them the memories that they can display in their homes and give to their families. My own journeys have been fantastic, living and exploring Tasmania, moving and growing up in Melbourne, returning to Tasmania and starting and developing a business, heading overseas to investigate cultures and discover places I'd only seen in books, getting to know and build friendships with my clients, meeting and loving my wife, raising and being a fun dad to our fantastic little girl. Some other things that might (or might not) be interesting I tend to prefer ordering off the all day breakfast menu over the lunch menu Coffee is my other addiction after photography If the groom cries at the wedding, I'll be a mess too I seem to win some awards from time to time, read more about that here Quite often I get the chef of a restaurant to cook me his/her favourite dish rather than order off the menu I miss CD's, mixed tapes and real books