PhilNONI & Phil. Morinda Citrifolia, Inc.

We are the ONLY Official Facebook Page of PhilNONI and Phil. Morinda Citrifolia, Inc. Products. All photos are our property and may not be used by others unless there is an agreement. Please report any suspicious activities - we want to ensure quality and secure service. Thank you! ---- In March 1999, the amazing efficacious Noni was introduced to Dr. Tito E. Contado and his wife Lou Managbanag Contado at the Visayas State University Baybay, Layte by the Anchetas (Joel, Sarah and Letty) and Dr. Lolita Ponce a Home Economics Professor. Literature research about Noni in the UPLB Library in Los Banos begun in April 1999. Having discovered that Noni is the most researched medical plant in the world and convinced of the efficacy and wide range of healthful application of Noni (scientifically known as Morinda citrifolia, Linn.) the decision was made to establish an enterprise that will manufacture and market Noni juice locally and abroad. By September 2001, Phil Morinda Cirtrifolia, Inc was registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). By December 2002, PMCI Laboratory was licensed to operate by former BFAD. Certification of Product Registration (CPR) was applied for January 2003 and CPR of the first product, 100% Pure PhilNONI juice was received in April 2003. Product launching was held in June 2003. USA FDA Facility Registration was applied for in November 2004, by January 2005, PMCI received USFDA Registration. PhilNONI was exported to the USA in 2005, South Korea in 2006, Switzerland in 2007, Papua New Guinea in 2008, and Hong Kong in 2010. In 2009 a second CPR was obtained from BFAD of the 500mg PhilNONI Capsule. In 2010 a third CPR was obtained from FDA for PhilNONI Juice with coconut flower sap syrup . There are two liquid products in the pipeline and 4 PhilNONI capsules also on the pipe line.