Phierce Plus

The pHierce pHilosophy. All women are beautiful. Some are less aware of it than others. Our aim is to help women of all shapes and sizes look and feel beautiful every day. pHierce goes beyond just fashion. pHierce is an experience - an experience of waking up every morning loving who you are no matter what shape or size you are. At pHierce we don't discriminate. While we are, in the most simplistic terms, a plus-size fashion company, you'll find a little something for everyone because we all deserve to feel pHierce! We offer both online and in-store shopping Our store is located at 126 Second St, Barataria. Please call us at 221-5927 for more. Open Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 6pm (5 pm on Saturday) Shop online at and have your order delivered to your door or pick it up at our store.