Paul Johnson Photography

I create beautiful wedding and portrait photographs for the discerning client. I believe photography is a form of art when done with skill and craftsmanship. Today much of the craft has gone as people can pick up a camera and just start shooting however the craft is about light, seeing the light, position of subject, pose, mood, message, meaning. There is so much more than just taking a well exposed picture. It takes years to become very good, lots and lots of practice. I've been lucky enough to photograph over 1500 weddings but still I practice on weddings new ideas. Life is too short to practice enough it seems. How good can one get I suppose. That's what drives me, my desire to keep taking better pictures. I enter awards and since 2005 win every time I enter. I get a bit nervous about entering in case I don't win but still want to improve as it gives me a great buzz to create something I'm proud of. But mostly I want to share my work with others.