Pat Rigsby

I love helping fitness entrepreneurs build their Ideal Businesses. When I launched my new venture,, in 2015 there was no doubt that I was going to build my own Ideal Business by helping you build yours. Over the years I've been able to move from working in the gym alongside my wife Holly for 12-14 hours a day while my stepson Tyler, who was in preschool and taking the bus to and from the facility, to now being able to work from home, spending plenty of time with Holly and our boys, Tyler and Alex, coaching baseball and t-ball...and basically enjoying a business that gives me the income, freedom and satisfaction that is pretty darn close to Ideal. I work each day to incrementally make my business even more Ideal. I want the same thing for you. That's why we each became fitness entrepreneurs...because we had a vision for the type of business we wanted and what we wanted it to provide us and our clients. Each of our Ideal Businesses is different. • There is a specific type of client who you get more enjoyment and satisfaction from helping than any other. • You've got your own style or training and experience that you want to deliver and a culture you want your clients to be a part of. • You have your own financial goals...both what you want to earn now and what you want to put away for the future. • There's a certain lifestyle that you want to enjoy and you want a business that not only supports it, but actually enhances it. Now somewhere along the way you may have fallen short on some of these happens. But you don't have to settle. And if you stick with me I won't let you. There are a LOT of people out there sharing their insights about the business side of fact many of them have learned directly from me. I love what some of them are doing. Some of them are building their own Ideal Businesses...and I'm proud that I could play a role in it. But many deliver the equivalent of a typical bootcamp, piecing together a variety of tactics that might generally work to help you build a business, just not your Ideal Business. So if you're good with settling for ordinary business, ordinary income...ordinary lifestyle...then what I'm going to be doing won't be anything special to you. But if you're ready to build your Ideal Business then we're going to have a LOT of fun together.